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Canary Takeoff is live again and will help you define your next VC backed business.

If you’ve decided to start a new company, Takeoff can be a great fit for the “setup” phase (aka everything you go through before having a business ready to launch).

This phase can embrace personal reflection, ideation, discovery, validation processes, co-founder dating and some therapy. We believe Takeoff can make your life a bit less overwhelming during the first sprint of your next journey as an entrepreneur.

Takeoff's goal is to increase the assertiveness of your pre-thesis processes in a hands-on way, with no strings attached. For 4 months, the Takeoff team will provide tools, market intelligence and connections to help you learn and iterate faster on your ideation and discovery processes, while scaling your access to potential co-founders and founding team.

We can proudly say that Takeoff’s last edition (2022) enabled the setup of 3 companies. 5 out of the 6 participants are taking off their businesses as you read this.

If you want to found a VC backed business and haven’t kicked it off yet, we’d like to meet you! Please apply here.


Who we're looking for: we’ll invite up to 10 talented people that are going through the “setup” phase to start their next business. You don’t need to have co-founders or an idea to apply to Takeoff. Some of the relevant criteria for us:

  • Background: how your past experiences can help your future one.
  • Timing & skin in the game: where you are into the founder’s journey and how committed you are.
  • Ambition & motivations: what do you expect to achieve with your next business and why.

Selection process: applications start on Oct 17th and will close on Nov 7th. Please fill out this form if you’d like to be a part of Takeoff (we’ll only consider valid applications).

What should you expect from Takeoff: a dedicated team will be your thought partner and help you in a customized hands-on way. Expect:

  • Access to market intelligence. Part of our team's job is to study (and build our own points of view) of different market segments, we believe this can accelerate your ideation and discovery processes.
  • Introductions to people that can accelerate your discovery process. From experts in the space you’re studying to people that have been through your steps.
  • Interactions with founders in different stages. Each person has his or her own journey. We believe that interacting with other founders gives you valuable insights and learnings to hack your way into the best path for you.
  • Introductions to potential co-founders and founding team. Part of our job is enabling valuable connections. Through Takeoff 22, we’ve helped create the foundation (co-founder partnerships) of all the companies that are taking off as you read this.
  • Access to the Canary team. You’ll have a dedicated Takeoff team & direct access to the whole Canary team.
  • Complete openness about the VC game. It’s a game and the rules are being written as we speak. Takeoff aims to reduce the asymmetry of information between founders and VC investors.
  • Interactions with global VCs and future angel investors.
  • Office space. If you need a space, Canary’s office in Pinheiros/SP will be open to host you during Takeoff.

Success metric: % of participants that actually start businesses over the year.

Length: 4 months (from Jan/23 to May/23).

Time dedicated: up to you. Takeoff’s agenda should potentialize yours and you should use it as you wish.

Investment: there are no strings attached. You’re not signing any terms, there are no investment requirements (neither in $ or equity, not now nor in the future).

Format: hybrid. We’ll have online and offline interactions. Takeoff’s headquarters will be the Canary office in Pinheiros/São Paulo.

We hope to meet you soon!

Takeoff team.



Q: Who’s the target audience for Takeoff?

Founders that are setting up for their next venture. It’s not necessary to have an idea nor co-founders.

Q: Does Takeoff have a preference for a specific background?

We believe building a startup requires tons of different skill sets and there’s no silver bullet or recipe for success. We’ll take into consideration what you’ve already built and how your past experiences can help your next cycle.

Q: Is it a Brazilian focused program?

It is. The program will be in Portuguese, with some talks in English, and will be focused on opportunities in Brazil.

Q: Do I need to be part of Canary’s network to be selected?

No. We like to run an open application process exactly to reach people we still don’t know. We will rely on our network for references though (which is a very relevant part of our selection).

Q: I want to start a business, but I’m still not sure if it’s the best time to do so. Should I apply?

Yes! We’ll prioritize who already has clarity of timing and is full time dedicated to the discovery process. But if you plan to start a business at some point, we want to have your contact!

Q: I already have a business idea, but haven’t started operating yet. Should I apply?

Yes! In that case, we’ll ask you to describe the idea and will understand the status of your thesis.

Q: I have an operational pre product-market-fit company. Should I apply?

No. If you’re already operating, Takeoff will not be a fit for your moment. If you believe Canary could be a good partner for your company, please find a way to be introduced to us.

Q: I already have co-founders, but we don't have a business idea. Should we apply?

Yes! Only one of you should apply (we’ll ask for your co-founders’ information on the application).

Q: I’m a repeat founder that is going to start another company. Should I apply?

Yes! 64% of Takeoff participants so far had at least one entrepreneurial experience before the program.


Q: What happens if I start my company in the period between Takeoff’s application and program launch in 2023?

If you’re invited to Takeoff, we’ll maintain a close relationship until the program’s kickoff in January/23. If your moment changes during those months, we’ll reevaluate if Takeoff still makes sense for you (no hard feelings, no strings attached!).

Q: How can I guarantee that my idea will not be copied by another team after my application?

Takeoff treats the applications received with confidentiality. The information access is limited to the team and no data is shared with anyone. That said, we believe the value of a business resides in the execution, not in the idea. We believe ideas are commodities and someone else probably has already thought of your idea somewhere in the world (who knows if it’s not being executed already?). In our perspective, there’s no guarantee of protection of any idea (please check Canary's FAQ to understand more about how we think).

Q: What is the selection process' calendar?

The applications will open on Oct 17th and close on Nov 7th (apply here). The selection process will embrace steps like interviews with the Canary and Takeoff teams and reference checks. By the beginning of Dec, we’ll send out the invitations to the selected candidates.

Q: I’ve applied, what happens now?

You'll receive an email from us. If we’d like to know you a bit deeper, by Nov 8th, you'll be invited to a video chat. If we believe you’re not a fit for this year’s Takeoff, we'll send you an email by the end of November.




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